Always Cleaning Is the First Act to Pursue My Dream

Last night, I barely slept because of the butterflies in my stoache flying uncontrollably that I woke up late compared to previous Saturday. I fell asleep after 4 in the morning that I didn’t want to get out of my bed. However, watching the YouTube about Urus let me start working and the first thing I did Today was cleaning my place. As soon as I got busy and depressed by losing hope, I actually stopped taking care of my place. Trash was all over the place and dirty dishes became a tower. Starting and ending days in the deserted … Continue reading Always Cleaning Is the First Act to Pursue My Dream

Vivid Dreams Never Let Me Fall Asleep

I’ve been through a difficult time because of COVID-19, which forced my workplace to shut down to prevent the contagious disease spreading over the country. Even though I understood the situation, it made me hopeless since I cannot do anything to change the situations. I just have to wait until I can go back to the workplace and make the proper money. Until yesterday, I felt like I almost committed suucide. I imagined to kill myself to end all the difficulties going aroung me. Fortunately, I tried my best to gather up all yhe energies to move and endure for … Continue reading Vivid Dreams Never Let Me Fall Asleep

Ignore What Others Jabber

On peaceful Saturday, I am spending my time reading a book about how the world would be changed after the coronavirus outbreak. It made me think alot about my past, present, and future. I suddenly remember my high school debating class. In 2006, we had a hot issue related to the national official language because the world started to get connected with the globalization and the international communication skill became required for the further business. Therefore, in my high school debating class, we discussed whether making English as another Korean official language beside Korean should be required for global leaders. … Continue reading Ignore What Others Jabber