Win Today to Succeed Tomorrow

Confessing my worst mistake in my life, I neglected the moment I currently live. I’d always looked forward to success, focusing on the future, not the present. After a long time of training, I realized that winning everyday would lead me to the victory of my life. Telling the truth of my failure, I kept imaging the moment of success, but not working that hard to reach my dream. I started working on it, but never achieved it because I always quit with every excuse. Every moment I’d concentrated on my dream and future, I easily ignored the current problems … Continue reading Win Today to Succeed Tomorrow

After a Half of Year, I Reset All

It has been four months since COVID-19 outbreak. Lifestyle of the world has been changed and people in Korea get used to wear masks wherever they go. Sometimes, all happening seems like a nightmare or a curse which stops our lives until we wake up after endless night. My resolutions for 2020 have also been stopped and this horrible contagious disease stricking all over the world haunts my daily routine and goals. Today is my fifth anniversary of baptism. I can still remember the day I was baptized, sunk under the water and reborn under the Bible. Because of COVID-19, … Continue reading After a Half of Year, I Reset All

Reading Self-Developement Books Helps Wake up in the Morning

Recently I became super lazy and struggled waking up in the morning. I kept going to bed late after midnight and waking up right before heading to work, whose routine finally made me exhausted and frustrated because I felt all my days messed up. I started reading a book titled, Stop Doing That Sh*t by Gary Bishop, I made a determination and recorded a video of myself making an oath, promising 7 rules. First, it was Before-Bed Rules I must not watch any YouTube or Netflix 30 minutes before bed. I must read self-developement books for 30 minutes before bed. … Continue reading Reading Self-Developement Books Helps Wake up in the Morning

Always Difficult to Concentrate on My Dreams

I always wanted to be a writer. I dreamed to be a writer and win the Nobel Prize with my fabulous works. I wanted to fulfill all through my writing tasks. But as time goes by and I had to work and earn money for living, my focus keeps moving toward money rather than my true North. In Korea, several stock soars due to COVID-19 kits. Before its severe outbreak, I wanted to cheer the company by buying the stocks because the company put all their efforts to invent the kits for Korea. However, I haven’t invested in stock market … Continue reading Always Difficult to Concentrate on My Dreams

No Ifs Are Considered in Life

I heard about one actress who had a disabled child and ended her life with misery and regret. The narrator kept using a word “what if” which made me frustrated. As the narrator was saying, “what if she didn’t meet her at the conference, her life would be different,” one frustration bothered me. While watching her story, it seemed like she blamed on others and didn’t even take responsibility. Even though her child was disabled, she should love her and took care of her with love and hope because we never know what each child would become when they grow … Continue reading No Ifs Are Considered in Life

Reading a Book Before Work Is the Happiness

Today I went to work earlier than my working hour and read a book as meditation. It was true spring with soft breeze and as it came into my workplace and touched my face and hair, I could totally feel what the happiness is in my life. I always tried to seek for the true happiness in my life by changing my life style and meeting new people; however, while reading a book before work in total silence, I felt calm and reaching who truely I am. We sometimes misunderstand happiness as something big and surprising, therefore we believe if … Continue reading Reading a Book Before Work Is the Happiness

Sleep from 10 to 5 for My Immune System

Recently, my sleeping pattern has been messed up. I had trouble falling asleep in time amd waking up in time. I can feel all my muscles loosened up and my heart beat fast. If not working, I lost all my intension and control. Honstely speaking, I actually watched YouTube videos until 3 in the morning. Because I didn’t have to wake up and work, I forgot managing my minutes and day. In the morning, I learned about immune system through YouTube video, which made me think I should stop this irregular sleeping pattern since it messes with my time and … Continue reading Sleep from 10 to 5 for My Immune System

Cleaning Is the First Action If You Have No Idea Where to Start

I went back to work after two-week vacation. Because of coronavirus spreading over the world, a few students came to the institute and I felt a little lost. Even though I was expected how it would be like, it still made me embarrassed. After wandering around all day, I actually clean my desk and surroundings. As I started the day, actually I listed up all the tasks I should comeplete in this week. However, with comparatively slow pace, I was confused to find out where to start my tasks. I couldn’t even finish one. After cleaning my desk and surroundings, … Continue reading Cleaning Is the First Action If You Have No Idea Where to Start

Having Dinner with My Bestie Is the Best

I took the unexpected, long vacation because of Coronavirus. It was the last day and my bestie came over to my town having dinner together. I once again realized that eating is one of my greatest pleasure and spending time with my bestie is another one. When I was alone, I never thought of spending time with others. I felt so comfortable doing all by myself, but once starting dating, spending time by myself for a long time made me feel awkward. I am so grateful for all and him as well. Good night. Have a sweet dream. God allows … Continue reading Having Dinner with My Bestie Is the Best

Staying Together, Especially Going Through Difficulty

Last night, watching the movie titled “The Pursuit of Happyness” I was determined not to say good-bye if he goes through difficulty. In the movie, even though I agree that if he hadn’t confronted the difficult situations such as his wife leaving, he would and might not get desperate and motivated to catch his chance, the moment when his wife finally left him made me feel so bad. Sometimes in life, we all experiece very depressing events that seem never-ending. When I confront the darkest moment of life, I alwasy desperately wish that one person, not many, but a faithful … Continue reading Staying Together, Especially Going Through Difficulty