Furious Jealousy Is Worth More Than Cheap Pity

I started on my diet and some friends kept saying that it should be difficult to keep on a diet that I should give up or change my plan. I attempted to ignore the fake advice arising from the wrong jealousy. On the other side of my mind, jealousy is worth much more than cheap pity. When I was young, I wanted everyone to love me that if anyone showed negative emotion toward me, I felt depressed and kept thinking about how I should be changed; however, after meeting a variety of people throughout the life, I realized that jealousy … Continue reading Furious Jealousy Is Worth More Than Cheap Pity

Ignore What Others Jabber

On peaceful Saturday, I am spending my time reading a book about how the world would be changed after the coronavirus outbreak. It made me think alot about my past, present, and future. I suddenly remember my high school debating class. In 2006, we had a hot issue related to the national official language because the world started to get connected with the globalization and the international communication skill became required for the further business. Therefore, in my high school debating class, we discussed whether making English as another Korean official language beside Korean should be required for global leaders. … Continue reading Ignore What Others Jabber

Responsibility Is Living until All Gets Cleared Up

On my way to work, I’ve been thinking about my current statue, and I am one hundred percent sure that it is not good at all. I have debts to clear up, family and cats to take care of and so on. Last year, I made a huge mistake which gave me uncontrollable debts with useless land. Spending the painful time struggling with money, I’ve learned a lesson related not only to money, but also to how to live. Because of the pressure of the debts, it wasn’t easy to stay sane. Sometimes, I thought about what would happen if … Continue reading Responsibility Is Living until All Gets Cleared Up

Exercise Every Morning to Change My Life

It’s been a week since I started to practice Tabata following YouTube Video in the morning. I haven’t worked out for over a year that it was really challenging for me to complete. After finishing it, my whole body soared and I barely moved my arms and legs. However, after a few days, I can totally feel that my condition went better and healthier. Plus, I practiced Tabata right after waking up and took a shower so that I could feel more fresh and freedom. All the activities let me stay away from laziness and led me to the motivation. … Continue reading Exercise Every Morning to Change My Life

Maximize Your Dream No Matter What Others Say

Last week, I went to the coffee shop in Garosu-Gil, one of the popular place in South Korea. While having a coffee time with my friend, I had a chance to see so many Ferrari pass by, and therefore I could not stop talking about it because one of my dream car is belonging to Ferrari, Portofino. However, those who heard about my dream, they always treated me as a naive person who didn’t know anything about cars and reality. At first, their reactions and thoughts upset me that I promise myself that I must buy one to show them … Continue reading Maximize Your Dream No Matter What Others Say

Always Save Time for Your Family

My mother worked as a public servant for last thirty years, and finally retired. Even though she waited for the moment she took a rest from the work, which was not her actual dream, she seemed a little empty that her part of life was gone. Today, I am with my parents, drinking a cup of coffee together and eating some bread while talking, and think about the moment of being together with my family. When I was in the states for school, I had to get seperated and didn’t think of how precious it is spending time with a … Continue reading Always Save Time for Your Family

Emotion Is What We Choose

Yesterday, I talked with my best friend, who felt depressed after the break-up. While having a conversation with her, I felt a little frustrated because she gave me a thought that she enjoys the feeling of being depressed and chose the negative emotion. Even though sometimes we instinctly choose negative emotions at the moment to think about our lives and how to live, we should be aware of our emotion so that we would not waste our times thinking too much about unnecessary elements. In my previous year, I believed that emotion is not a thing that I can control … Continue reading Emotion Is What We Choose

Life-Changinng Moment Always Comes in the Morning

As soon as the busiest moment of the year was gone, I slept early last night, which allowed me to wake up actually in the morning. Last month, I had to go to bed late because of a huge amount of work, waiting to be completed, that I woke up late morning, like 10 to 11 a.m. Waking up late actually made me feel more tired and lazy. Even though I didn’t mean to sleep early last night, I fell asleep as soon as I went into bed. In the morning, I felt lazy and was overwhelmed with the strong … Continue reading Life-Changinng Moment Always Comes in the Morning