Win Today to Succeed Tomorrow

Confessing my worst mistake in my life, I neglected the moment I currently live. I’d always looked forward to success, focusing on the future, not the present. After a long time of training, I realized that winning everyday would lead me to the victory of my life. Telling the truth of my failure, I kept imaging the moment of success, but not working that hard to reach my dream. I started working on it, but never achieved it because I always quit with every excuse. Every moment I’d concentrated on my dream and future, I easily ignored the current problems … Continue reading Win Today to Succeed Tomorrow

After a Half of Year, I Reset All

It has been four months since COVID-19 outbreak. Lifestyle of the world has been changed and people in Korea get used to wear masks wherever they go. Sometimes, all happening seems like a nightmare or a curse which stops our lives until we wake up after endless night. My resolutions for 2020 have also been stopped and this horrible contagious disease stricking all over the world haunts my daily routine and goals. Today is my fifth anniversary of baptism. I can still remember the day I was baptized, sunk under the water and reborn under the Bible. Because of COVID-19, … Continue reading After a Half of Year, I Reset All